EC.PN is an abbreviation for:

eCommerce Professionals Network,
A group of individuals who created, and built, the following,

Electronic Communications Private Networks,
Fault tolerant fibre/wireless telecommunications networks

Ecommerce Private Network,
eCommerce entities delivering content via our Networks

Energy Cooperative Private Network,
Commodities exchanges trading energy, Hydrogen, extracted using robots,
converted into electricity.

Ecommerce Currencies Private Network,
Currencies 100% backed by liquid commodities,
100% backed by energy and data provided by members.
All positions are marked-to-market in real-time, members know true value.

Educational Communications Public Networks,
All IP owned by EC.PN shall be placed in the public domain
on before the 7th November 2032.
Over 10% of total bandwidth owned by EC.PN is dedicated to
facilitating educational websites, for free, worldwide.

Contact +64 204 090 1500
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